In March 23rd, AF had a movie night showing Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu.

The movie was a success, despite some technical difficulties. Thanks to the creative members of the Committee, the evening was enjoyed by all present.


In March 9th, the Alliance Française had its GENERAL ASSEMBLY. This year was an election year and a new committee was elected.

The new committe for 2018 to 2020

President : Miss Dhamatie Goring

Vice-President : Mrs. Lisa Mae Agard

Secretary: Miss Nikita Archer

Treasurer : Miss Dianne Blenman

Assistant Treasurer/Secretary : Miss Malkia Payne

Committee member : Mr. Peter Denny

Committee member : Mr. Jean-François Gerin



In June 2017, Alliance Française organised the Fete de la Musique with local artists performing folk songs and world famous French songs.

The venue was the Umana Yana.

It was a good evening of relaxation listening to talented Guyanese artists.

Alliance Francaise will do even better next year.

We need new talents and new ideas.

You do not have to speak fluent French to join the Alliance Francaise. As a matter of fact, you do not have to speak French. You can join our classes to learn the language.


For the second half of 2017, we have planned a few film presentations.

We will keep you posted on our facebook page and our website.

A bientôt

JF Gerin

President Alliance Française Guyana.









Alliance Française de Guyana